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Wedding Planner: Your Wedding in Punta Cana

We will help you with all aspects of the ceremony…

We will resolve your doubts!: "Who or with what authority the wedding will be held", "if the wedding is on the beach or in a building", "what legal aspects you should take into account"…

Wedding Planner: Your special wedding in Punta Cana

We will help you with all aspects of the ceremony. Doubts such as who or with what authority will hold the event, if it is on the beach or in a building, what it legally entails…

Your totally safe ceremony

We know that celebrating a wedding entails many insecurities and doubts; It’s completely normal. We think that getting married in the Dominican Republic is an option that adds value, and not a challenge with difficulties at every step.

This is what our job consists of, we take care of everything so that your wedding turns out perfect. We are here to help you organize your wedding ceremony. Don’t worry, everything will be perfect.

We take care of everything related to your civil wedding in the Dominican Republic. You have our support from the moment you decide the type of wedding you want to have, start preparing the necessary documentation for get married civilly, or during the entire process of your wedding ceremony. 

wedding planner boda Punta Cana Zulmilay

I'm Zulmilay, wedding Planner from BodasPuntaCana.com

A wedding that will mark them forever

We are here to provide you with all the help and advice you need in managing your wedding preparations; a totally personalized and tailored wedding according to the needs of each couple in a different way.

We will be with you to advise you on the steps to take, show all the options you have and help you in each choice.

Everything becomes much more bearable when you can count on someone to guide you and advise you in all aspects of the wedding; And even more so if you have decided to celebrate your wedding in the Dominican Republic

wedding planner boda Punta Cana Alberto

I'm Alberto, wedding Planner from BodasPuntaCana.com

You will take a unique memory

Not only are the big aspects of organizing a test important, so is the collection of small details.

Everything is important that day. Aspects such as the aesthetic line of colors, the smells or even the smallest object that evoke sensations and make each moment unique.

We will be with you in aspects as basic and necessary as the choice of suppliers, the decoration of your weddingwe will resolve all doubts and leave you the best tricks that we have learned after so much time helping couples to get married in the Dominican Republic. We want you to have a happy start to your marriage and a memory to keep forever! 

wedding planner boda Punta Cana Zulmilay

Soy Zulmilay,
wedding Planner de BodasPuntaCana.com

wedding planner boda Punta Cana Alberto

Soy Alberto,
wedding Planner de BodasPuntaCana.com