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Bride's makeup

We will be with you during all the preparations, and we could not miss something as important as themakeup for your wedding in Punta Cana

Get your makeup done with us in Punta Cana

Bride's makeup

It’s a day to be perfect. For this reason, we offer you our selection of makeup artists in the area so that you can dazzle on your wedding day.

First of all, it will start with a makeup trial, in which you will be able to see a sample of the makeup you will wear and some details will be finalized so that it fully adapts to your taste. In this step you will have all the support of the wedding planner.

Then, on the day of the wedding, you will have our makeup service that will arrive with enough time in advance so that you can take the photographs you want and those nervous moments before the ceremony. Also, if you need it, just before the ceremony you can always have a final touch-up to look splendid.

In addition, we will take into account whether you need day wedding makeup, or evening wedding makeup, or even makeup that works well both day and night. 

Touch-up service during the wedding

We want everything to go perfectly. For this reason, we offer you an optional accompaniment service during your wedding celebration in Punta Cana whether you or your guests need any touch-ups.

The best makeup for your wedding

Sometimes it is not given as much importance as it should be during the wedding organization, but… can you imagine taking souvenir photographs of your wedding with makeup that is not good enough? As the photographic report of your wedding day is a memory that will accompany you throughout your life, we are going to help choose the best makeup for your wedding.

We are going to take care of everything. The bridal makeup, the bride’s hairstyle, the groom’s touch-ups, the accompaniment, the tests… Leave all the makeup for your wedding in Punta Cana in our hands! 

Get your makeup done in Punta Cana

We will be with you during all the preparations and, obviously, something as important as makeup for your wedding in Punta Cana could not be missing.

Whether you are going to celebrate a civil wedding in Punta Cana, or if you have come to Punta Cana to celebrate your anniversary, or even if what you want is to renew your votes in Punta Cana, whatever the reason, we will be happy to help with makeup. Trust us!