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Entertainment for your wedding in Punta Cana

We bring you a wide range of alternatives that can turn your wedding in Punta Cana into something fun and full of surprising and unforgettable moments for both the couple and all the guests.



Fun time! Moment in which the bride and groom and guests receive the pleasant surprise of a group of entertainers, dancers and stilt walkers who arrive to entertain and make everyone present dance.

Our crazy hours last 45 minutes and, in addition to our show service, we provide prop kits and accessories for the participants (masks, hats, necklaces, whistles, chains, long balloons). 

Fiesta de boda en Punta Cana
Espejo para celebración boda en Punta Cana


This interactive service allows the couple and guests to save and capture the best moments of such a special day.

The duration of the service is 2 hours, counting from the moment the celebration begins and has an indefinite number of photos. 


It is a service that we offer to our clients to make more emotional certain moments in the ceremony and celebration, perhaps the moment of the first dance, the entrance or exit of the ceremony or the entrance to the celebration. 

Fuegos artificiales para celebrar boda en Punta Cana
Champan para boda en Punta Cana


We offer you the unparalleled attention of a hostess to receive your wedding guests, whether at the time of the ceremony or celebration banquet; a different and elegant way to invite a toast with champagne glasses. 


This spectacle of figures and elements made with fire generates a shocking moment within the celebration and usually surprises your guests on this special day.

Includes photo and video session for the couple at the end of the show.

We adapt to the established spaces by sending the client the alternatives of elements and fire toys that will be used. 

Show de fuego para celebrar boda en Punta Cana
Organizamos tu Boda en Punta Cana - BODAS PUNTA CANA


Music is the universal language of love, of joy… therefore, on such a special day for the couple, music must be one of the best choices, and must be performed by professionals.

  • Singers
  • Violinists
  • Bands
  • Saxophonist
  • DJ set 


In all weddings and celebrations it is good and advisable to create spaces for the little ones in the house, so that adults can also enjoy and have a pleasant time.

  • Inflatables
  • Wizards
  • Disney Characters
  • Paint faces 
Punta Cana; celebrar tu boda en el paraíso

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