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Video and photography of Wedding in Punta Cana

The best options to take home a unique memory.

Photography of the moment, expressions, feelings... A lot of memories that you will want to relive over and over again in photography and video .

Wedding Photography in Punta Cana

A unique wedding memory: Video and photography

Can you imagine celebrating with us a wedding in Punta Cana and not be able to take home a wedding photography souvenir?

Don’t worry, from the moment you contact our wedding planner we will work to put at your disposal a professional photographer so that they can capture the best photography and video memory of your wedding in Punta Cana.

Your wedding day is a very special day.

New feelings and other sensations appear that, when mixed, result in joy and sadness, excitement and fun. Up to this point you can rest assured that you are completely familiar with the experience you are experiencing.

Your wedding day is a day to enjoy to the fullest and we want to help you remember it through a variety of photographs and videos that will capture all these special moments 

A photographic report in Punta Cana

They are not just photographs. Punta Cana is a perfect location to take home an incredible memory of your wedding.

We know the best locations in Punta Cana. We usually recommend the wedding celebration in Saona Island or Cap Cana Beach to Take a nice memory of your wedding. It’s not about four random photographs, it’s about telling the moment and collecting those feelings that you will feel in a series of photographs so that you can relive them later.

We also deliver photographs without watermark and edited so that they can be shared directly through digital media or social networks. 

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fotografia y video bodas Punta Cana

The best video memory of your wedding

They are going to take a video memory of your wedding in Punta Cana, but not just any video…

Enough of those boring documentary-type videos that make it too lazy to review for friends and family! Welcome dynamic videos with background music, more in line with the videos we find on the most modern platforms!

Do you know the possibilities?

  • Mini personal GoPro camera to record moments while on the go
  • Recording in ahotel while you dress and prepare for your wedding.
  • Collection of opinions and comments from attendees
  • Miniclip of 2-3 minutes with a summary of the wedding to share on WhatsApp or social networks
  • Quiz of between 5 and 7 questions to the couple separately that they will only see when we give you the video
  • Recording of the ceremony and the first hour of the celebration party

Personalization options depending on your tastes. 

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