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What is a wedding?

A micro wedding is the term that refers to a small and simple wedding (which does not make it unfun!). Micro weddings in Punta Cana have become common and a good option to get married.

Getting married is a very important moment in our lives and it does not always have to be a large mass event since you can choose to celebrate a micro wedding on Isla Saona or a micro wedding on Playa Cap Cana.

Micro weddings are organized with very few friends and family, which is a big difference from more classic weddings. 

Guests at a wedding

After the arrival of all the people who will form part of the ceremony, they are invited to take their places in a designated area. When everyone is in place, the officiant begins the marriage proposal ceremony and then the wedding vows.

Most ceremonies include the exchange of rings, the cutting of the wedding cake and the planned event or the theme chosen for the ceremony.

Then everyone will be able to enjoy the chosen celebration together . 

Increase in weddings in Punta Cana

Micro weddings in Punta Cana are increasingly popular due to a series of factors. Couples planning a wedding often do so because they want an intimate, personal ceremony with their closest friends and family in attendance.

Additionally, micro weddings are typically less expensive than traditional weddings, which can be another attractive factor for couples.

And finally, many couples also appreciate that micro weddings allow them to really focus on what’s most important on their wedding day: themselves.

Who hasn’t fantasized about the perfect wedding? Well, with micro weddings, the dream is coming true for many couples. These types of ceremonies, which are held in large hotels or restaurants, represent the ideal wedding and the opportunity to live an unforgettable moment in the company of loved ones. 

Why weddings in 2023?

The wedding sector is experiencing a change. As couples have less time and money to organize large events, they are choosing smaller, more personal weddings that fit their needs.

The new trend is the wedding… and the The name says it all: they are bachelor and bachelorette parties where there are not too many guests or gifts, but rather a short and simple process (and full of options!) to celebrate the marriage.

When to choose a wedding?

The inspiration to choose a wedding occurs at different times. In some cases it is about following the example of friends or family, but many say that they looked for this type of celebration when they both had little free time or wanted to spend less money.

The decision is not always easy, because it involves giving up some traditional aspects of the wedding, how to prepare for the longest night of your life in front of the mirror (although today there are solutions that help achieve this) , coordinating with friends and family (although it’s more likely that it will end up being just the two of them), plus having to deal with the sweet (and annoying) feelings of the “committee” that helps plan the party…

Perceptually, it seems like a big sacrifice to take risks, as well as move away from some of the traditions… However, if you have the help of a wedding planner expert in Weddings in Punta Cana, the task can be greatly simplified. 

The wedding boom

A traditional wedding, apart from the preparation it requires, has a cost normally greater than $10,000…

But what if you could get married for a fraction of that cost? That is exactly what the boom in micro weddings consists of.

It’s like Uber applied to weddings, except instead of getting a super ride, you get a super wedding. 

Wedding or traditional wedding?

Who hasn’t fantasized about the perfect wedding? Well, with weddings, the dream is coming true for many couples.

These types of ceremonies, which are celebrated in representative places, such as beaches, iconic buildings and other spaces, represent the ideal wedding and the opportunity to live an unforgettable moment in the company of loved ones.

Weddings without too many guests or protocol. In recent decades, the number of weddings in response to traditional marriages has grown dramatically.

Small celebrations or micro weddings have a wide range of economic and social advantages.

We invite you to discover them with us! 

How to look at a wedding

Una boda en la que todo está coordinado hasta el último detalle es el sueño de cualquier novia. Pero, ¿Cómo conseguirlo si tu presupuesto es limitado y las semanas se te acaban?

Lasolución es optar por los pequeños detalles. Empieza por elegir un vestido sencillo pero bonito, muy ajustado a tu figura, y compleméntalo con diferentes accesorios.

Los zapatos son imprescindibles, y busca unas sandalias de tacón que resalten tu belleza natural. Otra buena idea para resaltar tu belleza son las uñas, así que haz que tus pies brillen con unos pendientes blancos para resaltarlos en tu look. Sin embargo, si cunetas con la ayuda de un weeding planner en Punta Cana, todo irá sobre ruedas. 

Makeup recommendation in Punta Cana

For the eyes, use a matte black or light tan eyeshadow, depending on your skin tone; or a dark black, brown, or very light brown eyeliner. A blood red lipstick will look good if you are brunette and don’t want to be too flashy, but if you are white and want to stand out you can opt for a strong and provocative fuchsia.

Don’t wear too much makeup, just enough to highlight your facial features. If you are wearing a wig, choose the right hairstyle or wear two high pigtails in a bun to keep your hair away from your face.

However, at Punta Cana Weddings we have a Makeup service in Punta Cana so that on your wedding day you look radiant according to your tastes and preferences. 

Advantages of weddings

Micro weddings are smaller wedding events than traditional weddings, which can be held in almost any space. We offer you a unique environment to celebrate your micro wedding in Punta Cana.

This type of wedding fulfills several talents that are needed to celebrate a great traditional wedding. Micro weddings have many advantages including Financially Inexpensive: Most traditional weddings have a minimum budget of $10,000.

A micro wedding can cost less than 10% of the total budget, starting our prices at just $1,500. 

Weddings: enjoy your guests

The microwedding is a social experience. It is a way to celebrate the marriage without the pressure of protocol and with more space so that guests do not miss the details.

It is essential to have a space that allows you to unleash your creativity and something as simple as some folding tables and some decorations can be the starting point of a totally personalized wedding.

Micro weddings do not require dozens of guests: Traditional weddings are usually too large and with too many guests, making them difficult to organize. Small group meetings can be easier on the association and offer better service to your guests. 

Weddings in Punta Cana - Rules

The type of event is limited: traditional weddings have many rules, micro weddings do not. You can choose the style, color and theme you want without limits. More personalized: Micro weddings are always based on the client’s taste; There are usually no rules about how the decoration or details of the event should be.

This way, you can design your own party, unique and 100% customizable.

Informal weddings - A fun touch

Add a fun touch to your wedding ceremony with our Punta Cana wedding approach. This is a very original and different alternative to traditional speeches or poetry readings.

Weddings are a new tool that offers you the possibility of including in your wedding a moment in which your guests can contribute their stories, songs, poems and jokes .

Organizing your wedding in Punta Cana

We organize your wedding celebration in Punta Cana, a unique tailor-made event.

Our specialists will help you organize every detail so that your day is perfect. Surely this sounds familiar to you: I am the bride and my boyfriend is the best man. We have to plan everything, from the best hotel to the flowers, dresses and gifts.

Well, forget it! We are here to help you! We organize your wedding celebration in Punta Cana and make it perfect for you. Our specialists will help you organize every detail to make your day perfect. 

Are we your best option in Punta Cana?

Getting the wedding you are looking for in Punta Cana can be a challenge if you don’t book in advance.

Can you imagine the excitement of celebrate the wedding of your dreams in the Caribbean?

Imagine getting married on a beautiful white sand beach with turquoise waters and swaying palm trees in the background. Everything is possible when you choose Bodas Punta Cana to organize your wedding in Punta Cana.

We help you. We organize weddings in Punta Cana. Make your wedding a success with our mission to help couples organize their weddings from scratch without having to deal with a traditional travel agency. We are specialized in the world of small weddings, so if you are looking for a unique experience for you and your partner, we hope to see you here soon. 

If you are looking for a wedding in the Caribbean, getting married in Punta Cana is the best option.

From the moment you arrive at your beachfront villa, we will do everything we can to make sure your stay is nothing less than perfect. We have everything you need to plan a flawless wedding from start to finish.

Get married in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, with our weddings. They are an excellent option for those who want to celebrate their love without losing elegance.

Weddings at Bodas Punta Cana are organized in a personalized way for the bride and groom and their guests. Prices range from $1,500 to $2,300.